Which Domain Parking Site Is Best?

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What Is Domain Parking?

Domain Parking is a way to monetise your unused or undeveloped domain names, and get paid for web traffic/clicks. To make anything from domain parking, you need to have decent amount of web traffic for the specific domain name/your domain portfolio. A typical parked domain name will display advertisements, or search box, so that visitors can click on what they are looking for. This will be relating to the domain name. You can set keywords, or leave the keywords on auto-pilot (recommended). You won’t get paid until your visitor clicks on the advert in question. The revenue you can make could be cents or dollars, depending on the domain name in question. Some domain parking sites also include redirects that bring you instant profits.

How Much Can You Earn From Domain Parking?

It really depends on the quality of your domain names. And some people boast earnings into the thousands. Whereas the average person may earn between $10-$100 per month from parking revenue.

Rules Of Domain Parking

You must not click on your own domain advertisements. You must have natural traffic. You should not run paid campaigns on your domain names, or you will end up being disqualified. On occasion I have seen featured articles in blogs, and news websites. And even on Facebook. But I don’t think this is legal or allowed. And they could get penalised if they are discovered. But you are allowed to promote your domains that are for sale, in any way you wish. After all, it is your domain name. And you may find a creative way to link your domains. You are also not allowed to redirect domains to your parked domain name.

What Is Ad Bidding

Some platforms allow you to participate in what is known as ad bidding. Whether that is your parked domain, or the content of your blog, for example. These are two different contexts. And you will use two different types of ad bidding services But on the topic of parked domains, Above.com allows you to monetise your domains, domain parking companies you have joined can bid on your parked domain, and you may see a higher payment, than you normally would. Above also brings you additional revenue, sometimes as low as 1 cent per click, when the parking companies don’t bid.

Prime Example:

Lets say MoneyNews.org, just as an example. Simply point your name servers to Above.com Then add the domain to all available parking sites that are compatible with Above, and these parking sites will bid to buy your traffic. Remember that the parking site splits the profit with you. And they bid because they want a slice of the pie. But you can generate revenues that should help pay for things like renewals, if nothing else. If you have an excellent portfolio, however, you may be able to create a passive income.

Which Domain Niches Are Good For Domain Parking?

Finding great domains takes time, budget, and knowhow. Only the experts know this secret. But you can possibly make a profit from domain parking, if you learn how.

How To Set Up Domain Parking?

And adding your API key in Above for each parking site is pretty straightforward. There is a tool in Above to validate your domain if you can find it. But most other parking services don’t require validation. Your Account Manager will help you set up your account and domains easily. It takes about 30 minutes to complete. And all will be checked for you.By using a maximiser service, you can be sure to get the best from your domain parking.



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