Website Or Blog Security With Free Backups

If you’re at a web host that charges additional monthly fees for site or database backups, you will be surprised how much you could be saving, if you moved to another host. But incase you’d like to stay where you are, you can transfer your domain name to Namecheap, or migrate your site. But I recommend buying the Website Security Service Site Lock for the year. It costs approximately $50 yearly. You can also opt $6 monthly. And it gives you an added layer of security. This is great for web stores, e commerce sites, and websites that handle sensitive content & data.

Backup your website with the added shield of security & control.

TIP: Show a security badge on your website, once you have purchased this amazing service. Feel secure. If you have multi hosting, or unlimited hosting, this can help to protect any sites which grow into mega sites. For info click the button below.


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