Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy/Your Safety

Whilst using our website, you can do so safely and securely. We always recommend using anti-virus and security software your end. Personal information such as name, email address or billing is never shared or given out. We use secure servers and premium software.

Online Domain Purchases

Purchases made on this site/via this site (amount) are logged for the purpose of Tax and invoices are secure and password protected. Refunds are not allowed once you have finalised the transaction (online digital service). We offer free website installation/starter-site/blog services with premium purchases over £500 (+ software fees). These starter services are limited and non-refundable (online digital service). Transactions made via PayPal, Escrow or other secure online domain services/sites are handled securely. We do everything to protect your data at all times.

Comments, Forum & Registrations

When you leave a comment or forum post your username and email are visible to us and the general public/Google. When you register as a subscriber or member, your email is not publicly visible to anyone but us.

Cookies, Tracking & Analytics

We use cookies to help us improve our services to you. You can manage cookies in the cookie bar, near the footer.


We use advertising on our website/3rd party cookies and these contain tracking cookies for a length of 30-90 days rarely a lifetime cookie. This tells us when you have made a purchase via our advertising (we appreciate it). Most advertising on our website can be turned off.


We aim to comply with all the latest GDPR and CAP guidelines.


You can contact us at in regards to privacy and our commitment to you.