Our Best Domain Buys

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Our best domain buys of all time! The domains we won, bought, hand-regged and even lost.

Buying domains and profiting from them takes a lot of practice/experience before getting it right. You can often be so enthused and lose sight of the reality at hand. Because you’re learning a new thing, you have to have some sort of order or structure to your new domain portfolio.

So you might want to think about trendy domains, short domains, catchy domains, aged domains and one word domains. Also, consider how you will get the most from them, once you have them.

UK.Deals was a pretty good name I won at Flippa.com and sold too cheaply. I had a broker for it and while he was away on holiday, I grew impatient. I received two more offers. And sold the domain, making a few dollars on my spend which included auction, theme install and AdWords. If only I had waited, I didn’t realise he was on holiday. ( I missed a matching UK.Finance – distraction). UK.Deals was worth between 10-20K!

I also bought BestSlotBonus.com at NamePros for $49 several years ago, and would you believe I gave it away? The same person who told me that the previous UK.Deals wouldn’t work, it didn’t have a home page. Be careful of people chatting in your ear. It happens. Especially in forums!

I owned MoneyPortals.com and I missed>> Loans.info sold for just $5! NamePros is a mixed bag because there are many sharks as well as professionals. It’s also very cliquey. It’s not one of my favourite places to do business. Though I did find a few good ones. I’ve bought a few names at SEDO too: SlotFreePlay.com was one I recognised. It’s a great name and it performs extremely well (site is currently down). We also bought DomainsInvest.com via SEDO. I found the quality of domains far superior at bigger domain auctions.

How Many Good Names Lost?

I would say I have lost about 5-10 valuable domains in my time. I try not to get sore about it, but lost a few amazing names. I lost 2 domains that had thousands of views per month, when I simply didn’t have enough experience then to know what I was doing. We like to learn from mistakes, but at times it is better to hire an expert or consultant. I am now a professional but not a complete expert.

Currently the domains I buy suit the needs of my customers and domains are not so cheap to buy anymore, but I try to hold a stock of great domains, plus the aged domains are the most valuable.

It’s probably worth spending a bit more and knowing the true value and potential of the name. So we provide these details with the possibility of setting up a starter site for you (free of charge). When you spend a certain amount on domains here. Get a full report & starter site!

Hand Reg Domains

Hand reg domains will also cost you more money than you can make, with a few exceptions. Remember, there’s a lot of competition out there and other people have years of experience.

I have purchased Quick-Loans.UK Live-Cams.UK Cash.Builders and Accidents.Site. Longer keyword domains should not be purchased unless they have a long history and many backlinks.

Other TLDs

Once again, short or specific names might be worth buying or registering if the search volume is high. I recall registering domains at NameCheap and one of them got so many thousands of views per month but I didn’t know which domain it was. So it got lost when it was time to renew.

You need to know the correct tools and methods to check your domains accurately. But these are the lessons we learn. Only buy the domain if it is worth it and if you can definitely renew it. Buying too many self registered names will lose you your most valuable domains!

Names To Keep

It’s worth flipping you domains and only keeping a handful. But you must shortlist and decide the domains that have long-term value.

One of our better domains is MoneyNews.Org, an example of a name that should perform well in the future. I am holding this name until I get a really decent offer on it.

If you’d like a consultation regarding which names to keep, or what you can do with them, contact me.