Monetize Your Unused Domains With Parking

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Here You’ll Discover The Best Way To Monetize Your Unused Domains With Parking

We have all heard of domain parking. Perhaps a few of us have tried it and not been that successful? The monetization that was once possible has decreased. However, there is a golden opportunity to maximize your earnings with domain parking!

An incredibly easy & powerful way to make some spare cash. The better your domain, the more you will earn.

Here is the easiest and best way to monitor, consolidate and monetize your domains all in one place.

If you haven’t heard of or have forgotten about it is a great domain management site with a marketplace and large dashboard.

Above automates ad bidding on all your domain hits. You may already have a Parking crew or Bodis account. Perhaps a Sedo parking account?

Above also lets you transfer your domain names in, so you can see them all from the dash. Their pricing isn’t too bad either. See how much your domains are earning across all parking at any time.

I’m Glad I Have One Less Thing To Worry About

It has been such a huge relief for me to switch over to It saves me from having to remember all the various logins. Gradually I am transferring all my names in. Owning domain names (especially valuable ones) can become stressful. Above takes care of everything. Another thing I didn’t want to have to think about, but I considered; What happens to my domains after I’m gone? Can anyone inherit my premium domains? The answer is yes and no. You may give close friend, business partner or relative the login for your account. Above may also assist if they are not used to handling domain names.

You can now manage and monetize your domains:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Register at Parking Crew & Bodis/Other parking sites
  3. Point your name servers to &
  4. Ensure you have the domain names in ALL accounts
  5. Check you have verified your parking accounts in Above parking Maximiser also pays when noone bids. This may be a penny or two but it all helps and you will get a renewal out of it.

Parking crew payout monthly from $20 in PayPal. And Bodis don’t seem to be paying out as much unless it’s a specific niche they are used to handling/dealing with.

Set up those three and watch the pennies add up into pounds each month! You might be surprised how much you can make. Also it is best to park domains that have the most type search in or click traffic. Bitcoin names, Money names, Adult names, Gaming names, Casino names for example. You may have your own ideas or knowledge about domain parking. If so, feel free to comment! We’d love to hear your opinions or experience with domain parking.

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