How To Maximize Parking Revenue

What Is Domain Parking?

Domain Parking is a landing page for domain names that are idle and out of use. You can make money from domain names that are not built yet. As long as they have some traffic. The CPC revenue generated can be a lot, but the revenue you can earn depends on the niche or topic of your domain name and the interest and trends at that time. Ideally, it will be a great name that resonates with readers/ is highly searched. My latest two parked domains are &

If you own a lot of websites, then the easiest way to increase and maximize your parking revenue is to register at You can then let your other parking accounts bid on your domain names. Take for example, each time this domain name is clicked, I earn over $1.00. But it’s not the URL hit, but the click-throughs on the ads that payout. Therefore, you will not be going for CPC click-throughs alone, but an interesting niche, where people VOLUNTARILY CLICK. Compatible parking websites include:

  • Above Parking Maximizer
  • Bodis
  • Voodoo
  • Sedo
  • GoDaddy
  • Parking Crew also has a Marketplace for those looking to buy a quality domain name. You can see traffic stats and earnings stats from the most Premium Domains.

It is really easy to manage all of your domain names, transfer them in, and watch their performance with detailed reports, such as daily, monthly, and yearly reports. It was a great relief for me to manage my portfolio in one account, and I’m sure you will find the same. If by chance you still hold domains in other accounts, you can still keep an eye on them and be notified when they are due to expire. You can also list your domains in the Above Marketplace.

How To Use

You will point all of your DNS to and insert the API from other parking accounts. Please make sure that all your domains are listed in the additional accounts, and you will be guided by an account manager in the initial stages. Who will also assist you in the pricing of your domain names for sale. A brokerage service is available for more expensive or premium domains. You are still free to edit the domain keywords in your other parking accounts.The ABOVE MAXIMIZER will pay when no one bids on your domain traffic. The profit can be credited to your account to renew domain names (you have transferred in), or to your PayPal or Business PayPal account.

Whether you register a highly valued niche or keyword domain, or you win or buy a premium domain name (with traffic), you will be able to make conversions/profits.

My experience with this parking service has run fairly smoothly it’s easy! You’ll need to double-check the DNS and ensure all your domains are pointed to their servers. And you can do this in one click from your dashboard. There are easy stats and notifications. I love ABOVE for the ease of use, and the domain solutions they provide.

Free Domain Management Solution

Above have been around for a very long time and are proud diamond sponsors of Names Con. It’s a name and service you can trust. And it’s FREE to get started!