How To Make A Successful Blog

How to make a successful blog in 5 easy steps


You need to have a vision, an eye for detail and knowledge about what your blog is about. And an expert blog is even better, because you will also be able to blog about the related topics. This is really important when writing a blog. Related posts, related keywords and information that is useful to your subscribers/readers. Don’t get too mixed up with keywords and trying to generate money. This should never be the inspiration for your blog.

2.A Good Name

You could pick any name you choose, but the best domain names have already been registered. Selecting a blog name that has strong keywords or catchy appeal is the best. Making up words or names is a no, probably best to leave that to the experts!


Be careful when choosing your blogging platform and hosting plan. I always use cPanel hosting and WordPress, but there are some easier methods and platforms that shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Look at the options and give it some time before you buy a contract.


An awesome design speaks VOLUMES about your future writing and is an indication to the visitor, whether they should revisit your blog in the future. The more effort you put into your blog design, the better.

5.Your Content

Your content must now match your vision, name, and design. Why not go the extra mile and include some guests in your blog, add some unique videos and creative GIFs. Have fun with it and this will be much more fun for your readers too.

The trouble with focusing too much on SEO and keywords, is that you can lose sight of the original plan. So write out your vision or marketing plan before you get started.

Try not to write too many blogs at once. And maybe add a post every week or so. Then share in your social media accounts.