How To Backorder A Domain Name

If you’ve ever owed a domain, and lost it. Or, if you see a domain that might possibly drop, your luck might be in! First of all you can check the current status of the desired backorder domain at, to double check when it expires. Next, you can check the status, if it’s published, held, or parked. Just type into the browser, or you can check different versions of the website by going to website archive. Using the wayback machine is simple. Just type in the desired name, then date in the calendar of the recent site. You can see how it has looked over the entire duration since it was registered.

Another great and free tool is Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker Tool. Type in the domain to see if it has had many backlinks pointing in.

Backorder Your Domain And If Lucky, You’ll Win!

There is an easy way to back order a domain. And if it isn’t renewed within the expiry/grace period – then it could be yours. Backordering a domain is possible from just $5.00 at Crazy Domains.

If you’ve lost an auction, or you have lost your own domain, or you think that the site is undeveloped, and in need of some TLC, from just £5 you may be able to grab it, if the big guys don’t get there first. There are expired domain systems to catch expired domains. And by choosing this service, you’re in with at least a 50:50 chance, if they do not renew on time.

Is It Ethical?

The truth is that everyones doing it. if there’s a fantastic domain that might be dropping, it’s a great idea to snap it up. The domain registrars might otherwise auction it off for profit. So you may as well buy your backorder.


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