How Much Do Premium Domain Names Cost?

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How much do premium domain names cost? Our premium domain names for sale are available from £500 – £50,000 and here we will be discussing what makes a domain name premium?

Premium domains are short domains, short or catchy .coms, single one word domains, aged domains, traffic domains, two word keyword domains (premium to the buyer/niche) and are valuable in terms of trends, history, backlinks, interest & future technology.

There have been many amusing names advertised for sale, that are a bit of a long shot for the future technology market e.g. robots domain names on sale for over £$1,000,000. We know that crypto, blockchain, VR and AI are bound to be a part of our future, as they are already in our present. But are there any searches for robot insurance right now? – Probably not.

Money related domains, finance, land, gold, medical, insurance, shopping, food are all quite popular.

Chinese domains and number/numeric domains have also proved to be popular/premium historically.

Premium registry domains, held by the registry and these can renew at the regular price or at a premium price.

To domain flippers or brokers premium domains mean domains that will sell instantly at the right price for profit. We are not flippers or traders, however, we sell our names at a reasonable price.

Our domains are set at the right price to bring the best possible value to all our customers/end users. We price our names according to age, keywords and trends. And we leave a small margin for profit/inflation. If you are considering investing in domains, now’s your chance!

We also buy domain names that you decide to drop from your portfolio (if we consider them useful) drop us a line at

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