Domain Name Guide

Domain Name Guide For Beginners

When looking to invest in domain names, (buy & sell domains), here are a few things you should consider before buying, selling, or dropping a domain name. .Com is gold in the business of domains. But other domain extensions are now selling at ridiculous prices. 2023 has been a skyrocketing year for the buying and selling of domain names. The reason being, the world is going online & digital. The same is expected in the year of 2024. Companies & Online Businesses, Investors, and the like are snapping up domain names like hot cakes. This is because they are aware of the value of aged, and marketable short brand domains. Many people try registering a domain, and they fail. It is now widely known, the real domains are already owned.


It is always a good idea to start with a budget of $500-$5000, if you want to start your online career in the business of domains, and domain flipping. The more you are willing to layout initially, the better chances you’ll have of making an instant, or future profit (in theory). But you must make sure that the domain name in question is worth the listed value, and potentially more.

Domain Name Value & Domain Appraisal

You can check the value of a domain name at, Check for trademark and traffic at, or use the GoDaddy Valuation Tool. Another great tool which is free to use is Ahref Backlink Checker, which is free. You have these free options to estimate how much you should spend, and how much you could potentially sell your domain for, now, or in the future.

This will give you an idea of the history, and the value of the domain name, in terms of similar domain sales, traffic to the web address, authority domain names pointing to the domain, and more.

The Way Back Machine also offers screenshots and insights of previous websites, and the number of times this was updated. By clicking on the calendar, you will actually see the exact copy of the site.

In this way, you can tell if the domain was active, if it was successful, and if there will be interest in the domain over time. Bearing in mind, some domain names may never sell. You will have to use your initiative, and put together all the relevant factors. Paying for domain appraisal will be worth it if you own a short .com or one word domain name. Or if you’re lucky enough to own one, a 3 or 4 letter name. Paid appraisal costs vary. You can do this over at Sedo, Epik, & similar websites.

Expired Domains are a good option for those who wish to flip domains. You simply buy the domain, park the domain, and wait for the previous owners to buy back the domain. You should keep it at a reasonable price, and be sure you are contactable. Other domains may have a commercial value, or sound appealing. Short domains can often sell, if you have a logo, or some sales description, data, and you can sell your idea.

Or, you can develop websites, and sell them as websites or businesses. Many people now want to buy shopping websites, and ready made websites. You can also offer to develop a website for your buyers. In this case, it would be a good idea to highlight this opportunity in both your social media pages, and your domain sales pages. You should also build a network with other domain sellers & investors. The chances are they may be interested in some of your names, or they may give some likes, retweets, or feedback. In any case, you should be interested, and provide feedback, and be part of the domain flipping community.

Keyword domains are valuable if they are aged domains. But it may be pointless to register them, and here’s why: The Google Search Algorithm nolonger prioritises keyword domains, keyword stuffing, and instead looks for high authority backlinks, original content, or high traffic domains. Do not bother to register a keyword domain, unless you intend to develop it, you have a buyer in mind, or you have time to build something really exciting.

Domain Auctions

Domain auctions can be both fun and lucrative. I have had some success bidding on domains, winning the auctions, and making a profit. If you are attracted to a domain, or excited by the sound of the domain, the chances are that someone else will be. If you can grab an original marketable name at a great price, or a short domain, do so. It will return dividends later on.

Private Domain Deals

There are great deals to be made on premium and sub premium aged domain names. You may be able to negotiate and get a bargain, or a portfolio to start off with. If you’re new to domain flipping, I would advise to buy domains at various marketplaces, and avoid the forums. Though you could find a good deal on a site such as mine. Domains Invest is always open to negotiating a great deal. And we can also help you set up a website of your own!