Creating A Winning Formula, By Life Coach Harmony

Testing Your Product/s

The secret to a successful business or online business is creating a winning formula and repeating it. Not every business will take off and this can be down to a number or reasons, which some factors may be out of our control or scope of vision.

Creating an exciting vision is the first step of any new business. But the next step is the time and investment spent in testing, developing and marketing. Businesses need feedback from customers and potential customers. If there are any improvements or hints about what might be enhanced, added or changed, this should be taken seriously and you may wish to research this further, as you go.

Easy & Accessible

Language, colour schemes, choice, payment options, contact details and accessibility are very important decisions to implement in your startup or starting to trade online. Outsourcing and networking are also great. Try not to be too pushy or impatient. More time should be spent ensuring you have a professional image and network. Always be friendly, courteous, but limit your time (be brief). Let your products do the talking.

Let Intuition Be Your Guide

You may have studied or researched your business niche or even graduated in that sector, but the practice and theory can differ considerably. Now it’s time to get some real experience and feel your way. Your passion and vision are the centerpiece for your future. When you create, you are in fact creating your future, or a version of it. Make sure it is honest, transparent, clear cut, easy to use, uncomplicated and efficient.

Keep A Journal & Bookkeeping Log

Once you have began to trade and have a business bank account/APP, you can not only log transactions but what lead to those transactions. Some SEO tools allow you to track online. These are called analytics. They are mostly useful once conversions or sales have began to take off. You don’t always need to do things this way. You can also ask your customers by form, in person or email/message. Always request feedback.

Directories & Reviews

Invite your happy customers to leave a review about your business. This can be done via a Facebook page. And also via free sites such as business directories (Yell) & reviews sites (Trust Pilot).

Start A Local SEO Campaign, Check The Competition

Now you are trading and increasing sales revenue. You will want to set up your Google Business Page. Google will send you a verification code in the mail. Make sure you use the correct address. Upload your business logo, images, add opening times, website link and a short description. It is also important to be discoverable in some sort of social media. It doesn’t have to be all. Using the tag of your area can really help generate business. You can also join groups within your area using many social and chat apps. You can run your own SEO campaigns or hire someone else to do so. MOZ Pro is a great place to get started as you get 121 assistance with your 30 day free trial. You can learn what SEO means in respect of your online business. Wincher also give valuable insights on your popular pages (if you own a website or blog).


If your business is physical, shop or service based, also look out for local competition and be unique. There are times when being unique simply doesn’t work out. Read the example below:

Healthy style chips in a fish n chip bar (define healthy!). Fried food is not healthy and neither is the owner. The chips are not up to standard or what the customers are used to. The entire business could close down due to lack of insight or the most simplest of things. The actual passion for healthy food was a great inspiration and a message from the universe or the collective. This person should be eating healthily and promoting healthy food. The whole thing just didn’t add up and unfortunately the business closed down. We are all guilty of self sabotage. Check yourself before you wreck yourself! If something is wrong, ask people to be straight up with you. Be willing to make a change, take that reality check. At times when a business is going slow or failing, we can lose insight, run out of funds, try too hard or simply give up. Having the correct attitude of testing and asking is vital. Things are not always meant to be easy, but we must not give up!

Original Content & Branding

You will want to stand out from the crowd and also create a signal to search engines that you are unique and have something valuable to offer. Take the time to take photographs and videos. There are other tools you can use like Scribbly. It’s entirely up to you, how you build your brand!

Other Places To Advertise For Free

Use free ads to advertise for free. And you can set yourself a time to do this, it could be weekly or monthly. This will help with your backlinks and possibly help your business to rank in Google. Make sure you follow all the guidelines and keep things professional. You don’t want any spammy content to ruin your good reputation.

Be Consistent!

It’s important to notice what is working and which ideas get the most desired effect. If you are looking for quality web traffic and quality clients, then produce quality content. Don’t add too much, just for the sake of it. And when you have some genuine news (not click bait) people will be genuinely interested in hearing more. Approach and handle your business with great care. Nurture it and feel out where opportunities lie. It’s always good to expand and grow as time continues.

How To Grow Your Business?

Online presence is the way to grow your client base. Generally you will get the right offers emailed to you. They may ask about your services, your website or what you can do for them. What are your prices or commissions? Can we advertise on your website? Can you market our product? Can you help us make sales? If you can include others without detriment to your own business, then certainly do it. Here’s an example: Person A would like to sell their domain names or advertise them on this site. I know they may make a sale and that I will probably not be notified if the domain sells. I can choose to allow them a page and to pay for it while I set up a payment system and contract.

I own additional websites and get asked to be a partner. But sometimes affiliate sales are spars (trends, competition). So I can formulate a response letter to offer low cost advertising space. Mostly this gets refused, but, genuine businesses might be interested.

Feel your way. If you own multiple businesses, or plan to, take your time and try to do things the right way. Set a routine and don’t waste too much of your time on one particular area. You do your best and you move on/forward.

Creative people can have a very hard time letting go and understanding when something is complete. But as mentioned you can tell by the way your customers respond. They may ask you for your reviews link, someone may ask to advertise, or one might ask you for your Instagram add. Always be prepared! Learn from your customers. If you don’t have customers yet, go by interest. Pay full attention and note down what is said.

Look After Yourself PMA Positive Mental Attitude

To run a successful business, you should be fit, rested, active, healthy, positive minded, friendly, happy and fun/interesting. Invest in yourself. Make sure you have the correct balance to maintain those key areas of your life. Eat well, live will, sleep well and you will wake up with more creativity, passion and abundance. You might have key values or ethics that you can include in your business and let your customers get involved or be aware of your ethical and/or eco practices. You might use low power consumption equipment, recycle. Whatever you can do to improve the environment. Be someone who is willing to give a helping hand. That may involve training someone and letting them take care of a few tasks.

Confidence & Motivation

Take time to build your image. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you feel you are using social media to much or you tend to post when you are bored, don’t. This will not reflect well for your business. You need to look after your image and leave social media. Spending time online every day can become addictive. But look at it this way, you have done your best/done the best you can. And you now need to focus on other areas of your life that will increase your law of attraction and raise your vibration. Join clubs, volunteer, teach, consult, sign up to a few online courses yourself. Do whatever you can to help your community or support people like you. Have a can do attitude and try to get many things done. But as mentioned, put your own needs at the top of your schedule. This is not selfish. Limit time with others. And stay productive in all that you do. The more goals you achieve, the greater your confidence and motivation will be.