Best Way To Make Money Online

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Best Way To Make Money Online

Everyone is looking for the best way to make money online. The thing is many start with the hopes of making lots of money, yet the process is long. In reality your blog will require thousands of keywords and hundreds of pages to become successful/profitable. The key to making money online is to be original and different! The biggest mistake you can make is to try and copy everyone else and fail whilst doing so. There’s a lot of competition out there.

How To Start A Blog And Make Money FAQs

  1. Which site is best to start a blog?
  2. What topics should I write about?
  3. AdSense or Affiliate Marketing?

Here are some of the answers. Feel free to comment or ask anything you wish.

Best Site To Start A Blog/Best Hosting?

Starting a blog can be long winded or easy. I would recommend 1&1 because you can start from just 50p per month with their current promotion. This is for the entire year. Yes the next year is dearer. They offer business or WordPress managed hosting. This is the best solution for beginner to intermediate. WordPress has a learning curve but it also has great benefits such as templates, advertising, freedom. You will need to write your own disclaimers and legal pages. Drafts are already written so you just edit and publish. The free themes & plugins are very useful. You can visit the repository and have a look at all of the free themes available. which will help you decide if you want to take the WordPress route or the page builder/drag n drop route. There are WP themes that have drag n drop features. Primarily “WP Bakery themes”. I advise any new beginner to avoid Elementor themes. They are a real pain to get started with. Most themes both free and paid for are easy to use. A great alternative to WordPress for most users would be (aff link). Lead Academy offer a free course in WordPress to help you get started. Lead Academy (aff link) are an online college. They offer beginner and taster courses, hobbies & interest courses, language courses, online Diplomas and QLS courses to help you in your chosen career.

Which topics should you write about?

I think I would say as a Life Coach to follow your heart and write about something you’re most passionate about. You probably have a lot of knowledge or spend a lot of timing learning about that particular subject. If you have a few passions or hobbies, I wouldn’t write more that two blogs. Things will not go according to plan. Alternatively you could make it a lifestyle, art or geek blog. You can then easily get others onboard and help make the site grow faster. Forums are also a great idea, if you have a few people who will join.

AdSense Or Affiliate Marketing?

AdSense is great because it is automated and it only takes a few minutes to set up. There are other advertising platforms and bidding companies. But make a start with AdSense and go from there. You will need basic HTML knowledge to copy and paste the code into your sites header or into a theme “header” section. You select auto ads in AdSense and you’re done. As you gain experienced, you could set up a Google search page or widget as well. You can type in your own keywords and loaded results or you can allow visitors to type in their own search. Or join the developer program and get ad strips for your online store and so on. Start small and aim big! AdSense can earn you pence to hundreds of pounds per click. It all depends on the keywords on your site and what advertisers have subscribed to pay for those keywords.

Affiliate Marketing can be combined with blogging and AdSense when it is done with taste. No one is going to click a site full of ads, unless your site is particularly designed that way and provides another useful service or tool. Popular affiliate platforms, independent affiliate programs very a lot. I prefer to focus on the smaller companies rather than the larger platforms. Networks are also great. CrakRevenue (aff link) is a favourite of mine. My first ad converted so quickly and they asked me how! $108 within my first week, from one sign up. (aff link) are good because some merchants offer a great deal of money to advertise on your blog. You can search to find out the highest paying.

Making Money Online With Web Traffic

Again, your blog should be large with thousands of traffic and return users, otherwise merchants will likely turn you down. Write your blog, do it for pleasure, update it regularly but don’t force it. Take it one step at a time. Write or blurb whatever’s on your mind. Someone will find it useful.

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