Are Dating Domains Worth It?

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#AdLink Are dating domains worth buying? The answer is a resounding YES! With amazing payouts from sites like CrakRevenue at up to $200+ per join, if you are a domain trader, investor or hobbyist, you will want to own some dating domains.

Which dating domains perform especially well in terms of revenue? Currently lesbian sites, gay sites and transgender sites are doing extremely well in both performance and revenue. There is much to be explored within the LGBT dating niche.

Writing the right content for such niches is a bit more tricky, unless you’re a seasoned pro. For example you may have attended or been involved with speed dating or other forms of dating sites in the past, the potential to earn is INCREDIBLE.

Dating Domains Are Worth Buying

I think more than adult dating or hookup sites, there’s a genuine interest to date romantically and this niche has yet to be filled. Can you meet this gap in the market? Can you identify with the needs of this audience? If so, these names will be like gold to your domain portfolio. Buy buy buy!

Why Are Dating Domains So Popular?

There are millions of lonely hearts out there. So many couples and spouses have broken up over the past 18 months or so. And many people are just looking for real love/someone to settle down with.

How Much Can You Earn From A Dating Domain Name?

As mentioned, you can earn as much as $225 per join, some programs offer $2 and it really does vary a lot. Having a good mix of dating ads and articles will help boost your performance in the dating game! Webcam affiliate programs also pay out well.

Romance is key as you will want to set the mood when building customer databases or subscribers.

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